Finite Elements Calculation Engineering and Materials Testing

Tecsimat ® is an expertise finite element calculation engineering company fully dedicated to the design and calculation of pieces, parts, components and complete sets, using for it the most modern and appropriate software tools (Hyperworks, Aster, Open-Foam, etc.). There’s even an universal testing tension-compression static and dynamic (impact) machine to test the mechanical properties of the materials which have to perform the calculations.

Such engineering company is formed by engineers and graduates in different specialties with over 20 years’ experience, with specialized staff in each of the specific project support. Where appropriate and depending on the project’s importance, Tecsimat ® moves its human and technical resources to company facilities to streamline communication and reduce delivery time schedule.

Our teem has a deep experience on material plasticity and material testing issues.

Specific services:

· Mechanical properties testing and parameters determination.

· Material data card parameters definition.

· Specified the best finite element monetization for each application and the customer needs.

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