Hydraulic Engineering


Tecsimat® is a group of engineers dedicated to the calculation, design, building construction plans, assistance on machining, assembly and commissioning of turbines projects. We are using the last mechanical (CAE) and fluid mechanic (CFD) tools to design hydro power plant.

We are specialists in:

• Turbine Kaplan, Francis, Pelton.
• Racks and trashracks.
• Valves and gates in all its possibilities: Flap gate, stoplogs, slide gates, tainter, Bureau, butterfly, ball (spherical), hydro-cone (Howell-Bunger), needle (by-pass), etc.

We have experience in calculation, design and drawing hydraulic components like:

• Design of runner and nozzle 3D drawing.
• Industrial Graphic Hill Curve (IHC).
• Calculation ξ of valves.
• Flow calculation in function of the dam head for gates spillways and bottom outlet.
• Flap gates, butterfly, spherical, cone valve, etc…
• Specify the load and operation conditions for valves.
• Calculation of natural frequencies in turbine-generator assemblies.
• Water hammer analysis.
• Calculation Cx factor, for racks (Von Karman effect).
• Hertz pressure on gate wheels.

Tecsimat® has developed specific software to make the first study to design a hydraulic turbine. The objective of the software is not to design the geometry of the turbine elements. It has been oriented to answer the initial request coming from engineering, public entities and private investors. Introducing the basic information about one installation (essential the Net head and Flow rates and others complementary information) the software return the hydraulic turbine type and the most important dimension of the installation including some dimensional drawings.

As shown in the “user help” of KFP® program, the solution proposed is using mathematical algorithms (set by experience) but not intended to be the actual parameters of PPH solution because there are a lot of unknown variables that may influence the optimal solution.

For this reason that KFP® program remarks that the results are one technical solution and the user should use it with carefully. (Worth further analysis, but proceed cautiously). The final solution should be consistent with the investment, the user, investor, engineering, etc. , a specialized company, should check the final solution.

KFP® is available only by internet in the Web www,globalkfp.es. It is possible to use it in English or Spanish. On this Web there the information of the software the link to demo access a demo version and the official software, some interesting links to hydraulic information and a specific section for suppliers. It has been create pages for different accessories and services related with power energy generation (gear box, generators, electronic Regulations PLC-SCADA transrack, valves, gates, etc.), instrumentation, control, command, etc.)

For more information visit the new website of KFP®.


Software calculo turbinas hydraulicas

Hydraulic Calculation Software

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